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Good News from Feelmax

Things are looking up for Feelmax. Many of you have been wondering if/when Feelmax will be producing shoes again. I recently had an email conversation with the new CEO, and this is what I have learned...


Feelmax has changed ownership some weeks ago, and we are starting the production in few weeks time. The initial shipment will arrive to Europe for Xmas.

Initially we will produce 4 models: Kuuva, Osma, Panka and Kuusaa. Later new improvements will be added, we are right now working on them. For examle, we will introduce child models.

The Continental sole material has been improved as well, for even better abrasion resistance and grip. We even have a "winter-version" rubber compound under testing now from Continental, for better grip on snow and ice (the compound comes from winter-tires).

We also have an improved sole design for Kuuva/Osma under testing, and it will be released soon.


I am very excited about this news, as Feelmax make some great products. I know many of you have been pining for the Kuuva as a winter boot... it looks like you might still get your chance to pick some up.


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but Christmas for Europe I could scream. LOL I will have boots by then as I will already be knee deep in snow here......unless we have a strong La Nina Autumn.


That is good news & about time! I like my Osmas and think they will have a good product that should sell well if they can make it available to everyone. I'm also excited to see what additional color combos they come out with.


WE have @ the NIESA as well into the range and it has been updated! Right now we are doing everything to get the production back on and have new samples ready for next weeks meetings in the USA - the boss is going to LA and NY for that directly from Thailand. I will keep you posted when we hit the production line - guess it is only a question of time as we are turning it up again!

Thank you for waiting that long for us!!!



Hello; Yes, I am still here and have a good news for all you Feelmax friends out there!!

New production start up is scheduled for this week (the 15th)!! Cool, we make shoes again and the fine tuning has started. Plus we have a new OSMA as well!!

Also new development is in process - just testing new things out - will let you know more about it when I can!!

Thank you all for waiting and I will update you more about Feelmax in the future on a regular base.

Are on their way to the USA, they can be purchased from Outdoor Tactical, and Gift from Finland.

In Finland some clients have been using them since last Xmas...with encouraging results. They been in tough conditions (-25C) snow and ice...


Kare, can you tell us something about the European dealers that will stock Feelmax?

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