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Kids Merrells

Has anyone purchased the Merrells for their kids? I would love to have some feedback about them. If I am going to pay $60, I want to know that they are durable. We have been dissappointed with the quality we are seeing in kids minimalist footwear and would love to see a shoes that will hold up to their activity. Merrell has a history of great quality, but I was wondering if that same quality is seen in their children's "barefoot" shoes. Thanks.


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Yep...just got them for my boy...they are a tad big now so he hasn't put much time in them (he is almost 3 and I got the smallest size they make...a toddler size 10). I can't comment on actual durability, obviously, but I will say, they are constructed with quality and the vibram sole on them looks extremely durable. I would say that I could almost guarantee that your kid would grow out of them before they wear out. Even the upper material looks very quality and is reinforce in all the right areas. My only complaint is they seem a tad heavy for a 3 year old, but that is probably the trade off for the vibram sole.


We really want to try these with my 4.5 year old. I agree they are kind of pricey--aren't all shoes? But if he only has one pair of shoes, I think we can get away with it. Glad to hear they seem well constructed.


I just got a pair for my 9 y/o last week. He runs cross country and a little with me. So far he loves them and has worn them as his everyday shoe in addition to running.

I'm hopeful he'll outgrow them and not wear them out. He has 2 younger siblings he can pass them on to (fingers crossed).


My son is now 4, and has been wearing trail gloves since late summer or so. He loves them, wears them everywhere, and plays rough (as all kids should).

The shoes are holding up pretty well. The fake leather on the toeguard is kinda cracking, but not falling appart. The sole shows wear, but has plenty of material. The rest of the shoe is dingy, but that's fine. Probably would look better if I washed them.

For performance, as I said he loves them. I wish they were significantly thinner and more flexible. They are fine, far more than most other shoes he would fit. But Merrell may have forgotten that he only weighs 38lbs or so after he eats all the food in the house. And I don't think he needs any kind of wide base, but...

He goes without socks in them, cause he sees me without socks. He uses them as water shoes, mud shoes, hiking shoes, running (sprinting all out) shoes, climbing shoes, school shoes, church shoes...

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