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Need to replace Vivobarefoot Kalis

Hi all,

I'm looking for recommendations for a replacement for my brown Kalis. I unfortunately lost one on my way to work the other day when it fell out of my poorly-secured bike bag somewhere enroute. :o(

I have been happy with the Kali style, but don't like the new light brown with white sole they are offering. I'm thinking of trying the new beige Venus or possibly the brown Amelia, but honestly, I'm not that impressed with the colours in the whole Viviobarefoot line right now. (I would like the Venus better without the yellow trim).

Any new suggestions for minimalist office-friendly shoes in brown or beige? (I don't like SoftStars).



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Hi MJP. I've PM'd you -- I bought the Kali in dark brown in the wrong size. What size are you looking for?

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