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Vamos Kigo

This just popped in my mailbox the other morning, I thought some of you might be interested...

November 8, 2011, Atlanta, GA – In January 2011, kigo footwear COO Kristin Parker married Marco Serrano. The couple shares a passion for new food, friends and experiences; so rather than settling for a traditional weeklong honeymoon, they have embarked on a trip around the globe. They each will travel with a pack on their back and kigo footwear on their feet, crossing three continents and sharing their adventure every step of the way.

Kristin (Parker) Serrano is one of the three founders of kigo footwear, a line of minimalist shoes that are built for activity, styled for everyday wear and totally green. Perhaps no one understands the benefit of a four-ounce, protective, stylish and durable shoe more than one of its designers. Knowing that kigo footwear is an ideal lightweight and durable travel shoe, Kristin and Marco will wear kigos for adventuring, hiking, traveling and sightseeing.

On their adventure, Kristin and Marco will trek through 20 countries, crossing South America, Asia and Europe. Their trip will take them through varied rural and urban settings, and on calm and daring treks. Kristin will engage with international kigo footwear retailers and spend time in the low carbon output facility where kigo footwear is manufactured.

“Marco and I started dating about the time that we launched kigo footwear. The kigo motto is ‘keep going, the fun never stops,’ so it makes sense that Marco and I would wear kigos on our global honeymoon,” said Kristin. “Kigo has an awesome community of customers and partners, and we always say ‘We go kigo’ when we share their kigo adventures. ‘Vamos Kigo’ is the perfect way to share our experience in return, because it means ‘we go’ or ‘let’s go’ kigo in Spanish.”

Thousands of kigo footwear wearers, fans and travel enthusiasts will participate in the adventure through the Vamos Kigo Web site and the kigo footwear YouTube channel. will be the central point for information, schedules, photos, videos and updates, and can be accessed directly at or through a link on the kigo footwear Web site.

Kristin and Marco encourage followers to provide suggestions about things to do and see while they are in each location. Alerts for updates and suggestion requests will post on the kigo footwear Facebook and Twitter (@kigofootwear) accounts.


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