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Winter Running

Hi there. I have read your article on winter running suggesting the Feelmax Vasko. Can you tell me how they compare to the Vibram Five Finger Lontra. I did a 2.5hr on a -15C, but feels like -22 with the windchill, and came home with both big toe with frost bite and frost nip on my hands. I am looking for a pair of minimalist running shoes for the winter. I currently run in Merrell Pace Glove. I have been looking at Vivobarefoot Neo Trail. What do you suggest for Canadian winters?

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Right now, my current favorite winter running shoe is the New Balance MT110W (a winterized version of the MT110 trail shoe). It is a little stiffer than many minimalist shoes, but that extra stiffness is actually quite helpful in snow. It isn't zero-drop, but 4 mm is pretty good and the toebox is quite good too (it uses the same last as their Minimus line). I bought a size larger so that I could wear them with warmer socks. I did a preview video of them last winter here

I don't think the Neo Trail has quite enough stiffness or insulation foot for really cold/snowy conditions. The Vasko has a warm water-resistant upper, but doesn't have much for insulation under foot or treads for snow.

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