For years I have been using liner socks in my Vibram FiveFingers Speeds when running. There are a few companies that make liner toe socks, one of them is the British brand ToeToe.

The ToeToe liner sock is called the Thin Liner and comes in two versions: the Trainer (below the ankle height), and the Ankle (above the ankle height - a short crew length) which is what is being reviewed here. The Thin Liner socks are made of 79% Coolmax, 17% Spandex and 4% Elasthane; which is quite a lot of elastic material for a pair of socks. The fabric is smooth and designed to prevent blisters. The available colors are white, black and grey.

ToeToe liner socks - in the package

The liner toe socks that I have used over recent years are made by Injinji. While the ToeToe and Injinji liner socks may look similar, there are enough differences between the two that it is worth taking a look at what ToeToe has to offer - they’re not just the same socks from another company.

The toes on the ToeToe liners are shorter than those on the Injinji socks. My toes are long, so Injinji is a good fit for me while my toes look shorter when wearing the ToeToe liners. For people with short and wide toes, the ToeToe socks might have a better fit. In fact, the ToeToe liners have a wider fit overall when compared to Injinji - from the individual toes on-up through the entire body of the sock.

The ToeToe liners are much easier to get on your toes. This is probably due to the large amount of elastic yarns used in the ToeToe liner fabric. Ease of putting on ToeToe socks is a feature that they list on the packaging.

ToeToe liner socks - compared with Injinji liner socks
A new pair of ToeToe liner socks on the left and a well used pair of Injinji liner socks on the right.

The ToeToe liner socks are thicker than the Injinji socks. Therefore it is easier to see them as regular thin socks rather than liners. Around the arch and the calf, the socks have bands of high-elasticity to keep them in place. The socks are made completely seamless.

Toe socks are designed for better proprioception, biomechanical function of the foot and better wicking of moisture away from the toes. ToeToe calls this Enhanced Proprioception Technology (or E.P.T.).

ToeToe manufactures toe socks for all kinds of occassions. They offer basic and fashion styles as well as models for sport, outdoor and yoga. Also interesting to note is that they sell fishnet toe sock stockings. Materials used include cotton, silk, wool and synthetics. Sizes are from EU 35 to EU 46, so they are only for adults. ToeToe sells worldwide via their own webshop and various online and local retailers. For those of you living in the USA, ToeToe socks can be purchased on Amazon.COM.

ToeToe liner socks - laying flat