The Primal Professional, a shoe company known for making (arguably) some of the finest mens barefoot dress shoes on the market, has embarked on a new design project: a boot. And get this ladies: it is unisex! Mountain Evan Chang, Founder of the company, has been taking us through the design process in his latest newsletter. From the newsletter:

Quite a few brands are making leather minimalist shoes now. I've found that our niche, our specialty, is in making the styles that are more detailed. This is where I get excited. Where I feel like I'm making the most impact. While everyone else is using the open-lace Derby Blucher design, we made a closed-lace Balmoral Oxford. And rather than the simple chukka, we're going with a more detailed 6-inch lace-up boot. We're not afraid to tackle the more difficult designs, because we know they're worth extra effort.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the evolution of this design!

The Primal Professional - Boot Prototype