In late 2013, CMUK (pronounced "smook") launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their shoe company off of the ground. Their goal? To create what they deem as the ultimate travel shoe. Little did they know they were accidentally starting a barefoot/minimalist shoe company as well. From their website:

Washable and quick-dry, CMUKs are perfect at the beach on the sand or in the water, comfortable as you walk around all day long, and versatile enough to keep you comfortable and looking good into the night. We set out to design a shoe that would deliver on four things: style, comfort, quality and versatility. We’re proud to have hit every one of those with a range of shoes so well designed, and so comfortable, you’ll probably want to sleep in them.

In the spring of 2014, literally days before my family and I set off on our 6 month thru-hike, I received a pair for review. Needless to say, they have sat in storage far too long... time to get back into them and start working on that article!

CMUK Travel Shoe