Here we present to you the most exclusive Christmas present for your loved ones for this year. German sockmaker Falke has produced socks from the softest, lightest and warmest wool available: Vicuña wool.

Falke Vicuña Socks
Photo courtesy of Falke

The vicuña is a camelid which lives in the high alpine areas of the Andes, above 3000 meters. The vicuña is related to the llama and the alpaca. Each vicuña produces only half a kilogram of wool. It is difficult to obtain the vicuña wool because the vicuñas live in the wild. They cannot easily be domesticated. Vicuñas are sheared only every three years and a large part of the profits go to local villagers. Garments of vicuña wool are always only made in their natural golden colour because the wool is so fine that it cannot be dyed.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Rico Hübner

This all makes this wool not only the most special wool on earth but also the most expensive. These socks will be yours for $1200 USD or EU 860. But it is cheaper and more exclusive than presenting new diamonds. More exclusive? Yes. Falke produced only ten pairs world wide. Together with ten V-neck and ten roll-neck pullovers. These will be yours for $3000 USD or EU 2400.

At least one pair of the socks have been sold already.

Falke Vicuña Sweater and Socks
Photo courtesy of Falke