Ringing in 2015 With a New Editor, New Products, and Great New Reviews

by Jacqui Perry

Hey Friend, I couldn’t help but notice you staring. These fun contraptions are called barefoot shoes! They feel like you’re walking barefoot without worrying about tetanus, hepatitis, AIDs, and other unamiable diseases! "Who would want to walk barefoot?" you say, when you can look like Michael Jordan in some fly Nikes, or go stompin’ in some Air Force Ones?

Beyond our Boundaries, Episode 24: Katahdin

by Damien Tougas

On the first weekend of fall we reach the end of our thru-hike - Mt. Katahdin, Maine. It's hard to believe everything we overcame and persevered through to reach this point; sickness and separation, mosquitos and mice, injury and inclement weather, mountains and mud. How did we get this far? One step at a time, over and over and over again. Only one more mountain to climb, with our dearest hiking friends and companions, and we'll be finished this monumental family adventure.

Barefoot Walking Gait

by Damien Tougas

You see a lot of talk in minimalist circles all over the web about running form. It is widely acknowledged that in order to reduce injury and maximize health we not only need to minimize footwear, but that we need to become students of form. If we don't, we are still at risk of getting injured. What about walking?