A Look at the Merrell 2014/2015 Autumn/Winter Line-up

by Huib van der Wal

Over the last few years, Toe Salad has published some articles and reviews about Merrell shoes suitable for winter use. Winter here means sub-freezing temperatures and snow which often requires thicker insulating soles than typically found in most minimalist shoes. Since shoe models change so quickly and there is no way we could review them all before the cold hits, we thought we would give you a short overview on a few Merrell models that might help get you through the impending winter.

Beyond our Boundaries, Episode 23: The Last State!

by Damien Tougas

This is it! We are passing through the last state on the Appalachian Trail. Maine brings a lot of lakes, rivers, and water crossings, including a hiker ferry (i.e. a canoe). Mount Katahdin (the northern terminus) is in sight and brings with it reflections from everyone about the final days and weeks of our journey. It has been long, and at times very difficult, what will we miss most?

Beyond our Boundaries, Episode 22: New Hampshire

by Damien Tougas

In New Hampshire we arrive at the most challenging terrain so far on the Appalachian Trail, the White Mountains. FIMBY is off trail now permanently with a foot injury and she supports the rest of the crew as they hike toward the Maine border. Hot Pepper joins the team. The crazy antics and steady companionship of trail friends eases the loss of FIMBY's presence on the trail. Though the terrain is exhausting, the views are beautiful. And at the end of NH we have only one more state to go.

An Interview with Marco Serrano from Kigo Footwear

by Charity Johnson

Kigo was born on a mountainside at the close of a long day of skiing. Sore feet, tucked inside heavy boots, highlighted the need for an affordable, lightweight, comfortable, durable shoe. This initial idea grew and evolved into a line of footwear with a focus on simple, minimalist and environmentally responsible design and construction.

Fall Hiking Clothing Checklist

by Damien Tougas

For those of you who aren't quite ready for a long-distance trek yet but are looking to get out on some day trips, this post is for you. Day hiking makes up a significant portion of our outdoor activity when we are not out backpacking or trekking. We have a checklist for each season. The night before we head out on a day-trip we pull out the checklist. This is the one we use for most of our fall day hikes.