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Hi from Ottawa

I am planning to compete in my first triathalon and am interested in learning about my best options for footwear. I have had issues in the past with improper fitting shoes and am keen to try something different.


Greetings from Norway

Hi all barefooters and minimal-footwear lovers!

I'm physiotherapist, CST-instructor and Kettlebell instructor... And of course barefoot enthusiast. My development from MBT-shoes to barefooting and minimal-shoe lover has taken nearly 2 years - no regret!

I'm keep my self fit with training - and all those times, when I'm not training unshod - I'm using minimal-shoes (Feelmax Panka, Osma, Kuuva, FVV-Classic, Vivo Terraplane...Grappling shoes)... I have reviewed almost every pair above above - just click and read on my sites

I hope this is going to be good place to shear our experiences!


Hello from the University of Puget Sound

Hey, my name is Matt and I am an Exercise Science major and minimalist runner from the University of Puget Sound Class of 2013 (I'm originally from Portland).

I started running competitively my senior year of High School and pulled both IT bands during cross country and track (one per season). Thus I only made it 1/3 of the way through each season. I discovered the Vibram Fivefingers and began walking exclusively in them after the second IT band pull. Freshman year of college the injuries persisted. Finally during the summer of 2010 I changed my form to a forefoot/midfoot strike, completely left mainstream, clunky, super supportive shoes and began my journey into the area of minimalist running. So far, no injuries. I guess all the drills, form work, core work, and strengthening also helped. Also, I used the POSE method to help achieve a forefoot/midfoot technique.

I train really hard (85-105 miles per week right now), and have hopes of breaking all the school distance records (3k, 5k, 10k) at Puget Sound. I train in the Evo 2 and the Saucony Kinvara (which is really starting to bother my feet, ankles, calves, and hips from the 4mm heel lift. They will be dropped soon).

Also, as much as I love the Vibrams (I have the KSOs and KSO treks), my College XC/Track coaches hates them with a passion, and would probably kick me off the team if he saw me wearing them again. So I wear them in secret. A little example, during finals week I almost cross paths with him (a rare thing because he normally stays in his office at the fieldhouse) and ended up diving into the bushes so he wouldn't see what I was wearing on my feet.

I firmly believe in minimalism and currently basing my senior thesis on it and barefoot running.

Oh, and I'm REALLY looking forward to the Altra Instinct coming out. That would be the perfect minimalist shoe to fool my coach with, since he doesn't think highly of the Evo 2s either. The most important thing in my mind is ZERO DROP!

PRs: 3000m: 9:09, 5000m: 15:47 (roads), 10000m: 33:35. Goal PRs: 3000m: 8:00, 5000m: 13:45, 10000m: 28:30 (I know have a bit to go, but hard work and smart work will prevail! Plus I've only been running for 2 years, give me a break).


Greetings from New hampshire

But my heart is still in northern Michigan..I love that the barefoot community is growing so rapidly. I was first introduced to it by crossfit with the five fingers,which has done quite well in that community.I am looking to expand my knowledge in fitness and i am very much into the paleo movement and look forward to attending a Mov Nat course this summer.


Greetings from Waterloo, ON

Salutations. I've slowly been transitioning since Oct'09 into barefoot/minimalist footwear. At first it wasn't to focus on running, but to get more fit for ball hockey. However, the pure joy of feeling free outside has changed my focus. So now I play hockey to do a little bit of cross training.