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Which Sandals

Which sandals should I get Branca Perforated Leather or Luna Catamount? I will mainly use these mainly for casual use. I may do a bit of running and hiking with them as well. Thanks in advance for your input.


Altra Lone Peak

I got some Altra Lone Peaks, women's. I might be the first!

I don't think I am capable of a full review, but I have to say these shoes are the perfect idea for me. Sometimes I don't want ground feel! I want a nice, normal, protective shoe for hiking and backpacking, with good traction but no arch support, motion control, raised heel or the other dumb things of standard footwear. Hooray for Altra making something minimal but not minimal! That's exactly what I've been waiting for!

My only issue is that I've got crazy Hobbit feet. Super wide with straight-across toes but small. I would get the men's version for the extra width but they don't come small enough for me. Without the insole, the women's version is just a tiny bit too narrow for one of my feet. (I can't wear them with the insole.) But so far it is not too bad.

I went for a nice power-walk today. Not enough hills to really give it a good try, but they feel great so far.


Basketball question

Anyone have any suggestions for a basketball player? My daughter fights shin splints. Her "basketball shoes" are ruining her feet and shins. She can't go barefoot in a basketball game. What do you recommend she wear?