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Vamos Kigo

This just popped in my mailbox the other morning, I thought some of you might be interested...

November 8, 2011, Atlanta, GA – In January 2011, kigo footwear COO Kristin Parker married Marco Serrano. The couple shares a passion for new food, friends and experiences; so rather than settling for a traditional weeklong honeymoon, they have embarked on a trip around the globe. They each will travel with a pack on their back and kigo footwear on their feet, crossing three continents and sharing their adventure every step of the way.

Kristin (Parker) Serrano is one of the three founders of kigo footwear, a line of minimalist shoes that are built for activity, styled for everyday wear and totally green. Perhaps no one understands the benefit of a four-ounce, protective, stylish and durable shoe more than one of its designers. Knowing that kigo footwear is an ideal lightweight and durable travel shoe, Kristin and Marco will wear kigos for adventuring, hiking, traveling and sightseeing.

On their adventure, Kristin and Marco will trek through 20 countries, crossing South America, Asia and Europe. Their trip will take them through varied rural and urban settings, and on calm and daring treks. Kristin will engage with international kigo footwear retailers and spend time in the low carbon output facility where kigo footwear is manufactured.

“Marco and I started dating about the time that we launched kigo footwear. The kigo motto is ‘keep going, the fun never stops,’ so it makes sense that Marco and I would wear kigos on our global honeymoon,” said Kristin. “Kigo has an awesome community of customers and partners, and we always say ‘We go kigo’ when we share their kigo adventures. ‘Vamos Kigo’ is the perfect way to share our experience in return, because it means ‘we go’ or ‘let’s go’ kigo in Spanish.”

Thousands of kigo footwear wearers, fans and travel enthusiasts will participate in the adventure through the Vamos Kigo Web site and the kigo footwear YouTube channel. will be the central point for information, schedules, photos, videos and updates, and can be accessed directly at or through a link on the kigo footwear Web site.

Kristin and Marco encourage followers to provide suggestions about things to do and see while they are in each location. Alerts for updates and suggestion requests will post on the kigo footwear Facebook and Twitter (@kigofootwear) accounts.


Good News from Feelmax

Things are looking up for Feelmax. Many of you have been wondering if/when Feelmax will be producing shoes again. I recently had an email conversation with the new CEO, and this is what I have learned...


Feelmax has changed ownership some weeks ago, and we are starting the production in few weeks time. The initial shipment will arrive to Europe for Xmas.

Initially we will produce 4 models: Kuuva, Osma, Panka and Kuusaa. Later new improvements will be added, we are right now working on them. For examle, we will introduce child models.

The Continental sole material has been improved as well, for even better abrasion resistance and grip. We even have a "winter-version" rubber compound under testing now from Continental, for better grip on snow and ice (the compound comes from winter-tires).

We also have an improved sole design for Kuuva/Osma under testing, and it will be released soon.


I am very excited about this news, as Feelmax make some great products. I know many of you have been pining for the Kuuva as a winter boot... it looks like you might still get your chance to pick some up.


Neo Trail Press Release

This is a shoe I am VERY excited about! VIVOBAREFOOT has just published the official press release for the Neo Trail, and I like what I see so far. It is attached at the end of this post. I am hoping this may actually be my all-around outdoor trail running/hiking/backpacking shoe.

This also did a video during the product shoot, which I have embedded here. <iframe src="&lt;a href=" http:="" <a="" href="" rel="nofollow">"" video="" 26475410?title="0&byline=0&portrait=0"" rel="nofollow">" width="380" height="214" frameborder="0"></iframe>



Altra Adam updated release date?

Sorry, I don't follow all the minimalist shoe blogs, so apologies if this is well known information, but is there an updated release date for the Adams?

Growing impatient. ;)


Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center Offers a Medical Approach to Minimalist Footwear

The year 2011 rapidly is becoming the Year of Natural Running in the athletic footwear market. Articles are released weekly, extolling the importance of identifying the proper gait for every individual runner, and of matching that form to the proper footwear. Just outside of Milwaukee, the new Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center is one of the first retail locations in the U.S. to blend a medical approach to natural running and proper minimalist footwear tools, including kigo footwear.

Led by certified Pedorthist Kyle Roberts, Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center blends health care expertise and running knowledge to assist runners and walkers of all ages and abilities to stay active and injury free. The center is also dedicated to helping athletes of all levels to improve performance. To accomplish those goals, Revolution provides analysis, training and tools including a carefully assembled offering of the most technically minimalist shoes. The selection includes becoming the first retailer in the state to offer kigo footwear, a line of versatile minimalist shoes that are durable enough for athletics and stylish enough for everyday wear.

“Revolution is proud to be the first store in the Milwaukee area to carry kigo shoes,” said Kyle Roberts, owner of Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center. “They’re the perfect shoe whether you’re on the trail or running to the grocery store, and they’re already generating an incredible amount of interest and excitement with our customers. We are thrilled to partner with kigo to bring these terrific minimalist shoes to people throughout the Midwest.”

kigo footwear is designed for the runner who is seeking an affordable, durable, stylish and super lightweight minimalist option. With a fully flexible one-point-five millimeter midsole and less than two millimeter differential to the heel, supportive and breathable upper, and per shoe average weight of five ounces, kigos offer a protected, stable, lightweight feel for walking and running. The composition blends certified non-toxic elements, such as water based adhesives and eco-friendly dyes, with post-consumer textiles including CYCLEPET, an upper fabric made from recycled plastic jugs.

“Natural running and walking are known to be really user-friendly fitness activities, and experts like Revolution are one of the biggest reasons why,” said Jan Kuramoto, co-founder of kigo footwear. “Natural motion is medically proven to be easier on the body and to enhance performance. Add to it the joy and freedom that comes from moving the way your body is designed to, and this is the best option for fitness. We’re thrilled that kigo footwear is a tool to help that happen.”

Revolution Natural Running and Walking Center will launch with the kigo footwear edge and curv styles. The edge is a unisex slip on that provides full foot coverage to keep water and debris out, and strong minimalist construction. The curv is a chic lightweight Mary Jane style shoe designed specifically for women. Both styles of shoes feature elements like a roomy upper and a deep cut, stretchy foot hole to make it a good option for everyday wear or athletics. The designs offered are grey with colorful accents. The shoes are designed to stretch on the foot and to soften slightly for a custom fit.


New Center for Natural Running & Walking in Western MA

Wanted to let all of you Massachusetts-based friends know that a new Center for Natural Running and Walking has opened up in your neck of the woods. It's called Good for the Soles (catchy, yes?) and is run by husband and wife team Tim and Jill Murphy, both avid and well-trained minimalist runners. The center will offer training, races (including an IBRD event) and products including kigo footwear.

A quote from Jill:

“We are so excited to be opening the first store dedicated entirely to the needs of minimalist runners and walkers in the Northeast. As minimalist runners ourselves, we can relate to the common response of the people who have been writing and talking to us, which is, ‘It’s about time!’,” said Jill Murphy, co-owner of Good for the Soles. “It’s been a pleasure working with kigo and the other vendors because they’re just as passionate about the natural running movement as we are. We feel so lucky to have found such an amazing location in beautiful downtown Northampton – it’s a great community with so much to offer!”

They're widely endorsed and great people. HIghly recommend you check them out -

Tell 'em Rachelle sent you. :) Enjoy!


Terra Plana Neo Trail

There are some pictures available of the new Terra Plana Neo Trail, which will be released in august. See:

This looks like a nice shoe. It has a grippy sole designed for trails but not so agressive as the sole of the Inov-8 Baregrip 200. Maybe this is also a nice shoe for hiking. I own the Merrel Trail Glove which is a very good shoe. But it is designed for wide feet where I have narrow feet. My TP Evo II's fit me much better. So for people with narrow feet the Neo Trail might be worth waiting for.

Downside of the Terra Plana shoes is that they are heavier and have a stiffer sole compared to competitors. Though compared to traditional running shoes they are lightweight and flexibel.


Altra Footwear release Instinct/Intuition!

So the Altra Instinct and Intuition have hit the shelves! Buy them at one of the specialty running shops across the country or at I obviously love the shoe but I would love to hear what the forum thinks in terms of:

A) If you've tried them, what do you think?


B) Is a Zero Drop foot shaped flexible shoe that we categorize as a natural running shoe conducive to minimalist runners since there is still a full cushioned midsole? It's not a minimalist shoe but is uses several minimalist principles. What are people's thoughts?


Ecco to release a more minimal Biom

If you have never heard of the Ecco Biom, I wrote a review a long long time ago here:

But the more important news is that Ecco seems o realize the Biom was heavy and clunky compared to what most minimal runners like to run in. With that I was contacted by some one inside Ecco who claims they are working on a more minimal Biom and a trail version for fall 2011 and spring 2012. Should be interesting to see how minimal they go, since the Biom had a low heel to toe drop but not a great ground feel.


Franklin boot

I came across this very recent short thread on the Terra Plana Facebook page:

"Bryon Rossi: The Franklin's are the best 3 season boot I've ever owned. Do you recommend treating them with some sort of leather conditioner or protection?

"Terra Plana A water proofing spray for leather could further protect against cosmetic water damage but they have been water proofed."

Also, Earl Gray Toe put a post into the "Minimalist Snow Boots" thread on this forum, saying that Franklins does the job - see 1st and 3rd posts in this thread:

Earl Gray Toe and jurado hall have also written positive reviews on this boot:

I find all these really helpful, as a barefoot-type waterproof boot is something that I really have to get.


Where to Buy Minimus trail?

I have been looking online for a place to pre-order the New Balance minimus online, and have not found any information. I want to overnight it, the day it is released.


Introducing a Young Minimalist Company-STEM Footwear

My name is Andrew. I started STEM Footwear over a year ago when I discovered my solution to my many athletic injuries and imbalances. I'm a former Decathlete for Purdue's Track and Field team. Although I had many successes, my best being a High School Pole Vaulting National Champ, I suffered many sidelining injuries. Unfortunately it wasn't until my athletic career ended that I found my solution, barefoot and minimalist running/lifestyle. I decided something had to be done about the way the Big Companies are making shoes and it would take a new small company to do make a shoe that isn't afraid to actually let us feel what we are stepping on. We are currently releasing more reviews and pics of STEM and taking pre-orders for August delivery. We look forward to your comments, email us at: