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Natural Running Coaching Business For Sale

After six exciting and learning-rich years owning and operating Natural Running Coaching, I am ready to “pass the baton” and start on new adventures of my own journey. I’ve found immense fulfillment helping new runners discover the joys of running as well as aiding injured runners (shod and barefoot alike) find a fresh perspective and continue their running adventures. If you're interested in owning a Coaching Business that is completely set up for in-person, small group, large group and online coaching, then check out the link ( or contact me at for details.


Left shin issue

If I run in barefoot shoes (invisible shoes or bedrock sandals), it is very hard on my feet. By this I mean that my feet are sore and stiff for about 3 days after my run. I have to wait at least 3 days and sometimes up to 5 days before I can run again. I only run 3-6 miles each time. If I run in minimalist shoes, Altra instinct or Merrell road gloves, my left shin burns so bad that I usually stop by mile 2 to 3. I have tried every stretch and strengthing exercise I can think of for my shins and cannot seem to get past this. Compression sleeves do nothing for me. The type of terrain that I run on seems to have no barring either. I either want to run barefoot with no feet issues or with shoes without shins burning. Any suggestions would be great. If it helps, I am 6 foot and 230 pounds of mainly muscle. I body build but also like to run because I have become addicted to it. Thanks all.


Howdy from Oregon!

I'm 26, a big guy (6'6", 240 Lbs), I have been running with slowly increasing seriousness and frequency over the past two years.

About a year ago, I picked up some "nice" running shoes (a pair of higher end Asics... the gel, bouncy, high heel type. I loved them! I was clomping around on my heals more comfortably than ever. I raised my mileage, frequency, and speed, and was enjoying myself. I haven't had an injury yet, but I do suffer from sore knees and hips quite often.

Then it came time for new running shoes, my beloved Asics were dirty and worn down. So I started looking around at reviews and what not, and somehow stumbled upon an article talking about how shes were like casts for your feet, and that feet were meant to walk and run, and they are plenty capable of doing it on their own. I think i'd heard this before, but it never really clicked. But this time it did. I spent the next few days reading basically everything about the subject, and trying to practice changing my stride a bit.

Ive always been a shoe guy. And socks... I liked them both. They kept my feet safe and supported, and I could walk however and wherever I wanted with sturdy shoes. I was like a tank! And I never saw any reason to change. I remember a time when shopping for shoes that I didn't buy them if i could feel rocks and pebbles and things under my sole.

But reading about it created a major shift in my thinking, suddenly i didn't want my thick shoes anymore, I wanted to strengthen my feet and feel the ground under my feet and the grass between my toes!

So, that pretty much brings us to where i'm at now. I've been going barefoot more, I found some Sanuk shoes at Ross for 20$ to get me out of my clunkers while I'm at work. They have pretty thin soles, zero drop, and have plenty of room for my toes, and I can wear them without socks.

I also have my eye on the Merrell trail gloves, and i'm just trying to get up the guts to drop 110$ on them. In the meantime, i'm exercising more, and doing it barefoot.

I even went on a short jog around the neighborhood in nothing but the shoes evolution gave me. It was raining out, and 6:30 in the morning, i ran by one of my neighbors in my rain jacket, shorts, and bare feet and he looked at me and said barefoot?!?! I just smiled and said "Yep" and kept jogging.


Gossamer Gear Treadmill Desk

In case you were concerned by the subject line - no, Gossamer Gear is not getting into building treadmill desks :-)

I just got some more pictures from another successful treadmill desk project. This one was done by Grant Sible (president of Gossamer Gear

Grant's design is quite clean and elegant. He was able to use this off-the-shelf laptop table from Amazon . He also uses it in combination with a wire shelf (barely visible in the photo) which he pulls closer if/when he needs to have other reverence material close at hand.

Grant tells me he is also tredmillin barefoot, and loving it!

Note: For those of you who would like to know more about Grant and his company, check out the great interview over on Hiking in Finland:


Is there a preferred surface for natural running?

I started my conversion to natural running back in November, 2011. It has taken some adjustments, but my form is good and my foot conditioning is great. I'm not in any pain or having issues right now. I'm up to a long run of 10 miles and increasing that about a mile a week now.

I run on streets 95% of the time. Not a lot of trails close by - I don't want to drive so I can run, except for a race.

I wear Luna Sandals and sometimes Stem Footwear. I get the sense that most barefoot and minimalist runners are trail runners. Is that true and will running on blacktop be an issue for me?





Hi I am a forefoot striking runner, who trains in Newtons and Brooks Pure Flow's. I am looking to transition to more minimal footwear. I recently purchased a pair of Vivobarefoot Evo's. My question is about how to transition to running in them exclusively. I run roughly 25 miles a week. How should I build up to running in them.


Hi From Pittsburgh

I am a 32 year old male, who is a recreational runner/weight lifter. I have transitioned from heel striking to forefoot striking with the help of Newtons, but now am looking for more minimal shoes.


Looking for pictures for a book I'm writing

Hello all, I'm currently completing the writing of a book (in French) about BF and minimalist running to be published in France beginning of June.

This will be the first in French. In order to illustrate it, I'm looking for free-of-rights pictures of BF / minimalist runners. If that's of interest to you to be featured in such a book and if you've got pictures (free of rights of course, the best would be that they've been taken "by you"), please send them to including the mention you would like to be writen under the pic.




Minimalist Reading

Just joined the site and want to learn, Have a pair of Nike Free Runners. Would like a recommendation on a book to help me learn about minimalist running. Ran track and cross country in hs and college. Have a club foot that has been corrected, but have a lot of arthritis in that foot. ANy suggestions welsome. Kathy


My Journey to Barefootin'

I have started an online journal tracking my conversion to barefoot running (or barefoot like). is the url for the journal if you would like to visit and keep track of my progress.

It has been a great discovery so far (less than 2 months) for someone who has been running for 40+ years in shoes of all brands and types.



Hello from Connecticut

After running with conventional shoes for 40+ years I decided that I wanted to go barefoot/minimalist. So far I have had a bit of a problem with patience, but I am getting my rhythm down and my form seems to be flowing more naturally. I started a blog to follow my journey:

At 58 I've run countless 10k's a bunch of half marathons and 2 marathons. The last was the Hartford Marathon in 2007 with a 3:37 finish, my PB. I cross train with cycling, more other sport passion. Running has gone around the world with me over the years and is the most convenient exercise for travel. I don't think of running as a workout as much as I think of it as my time to meditate and move in a comfortable way.

For runs longer than 12 miles I always gear myself for the body shock afterwards. That is the kind of worn out feeling you get after sending shocks through your body for the hour to two that you are running.

I am now feeling different with minimalist, forefoot striking running. I do believe you have to do some barefoot work to get the sensory feedback, but once you can feel the right form, it is a matter of time. All the cautions about taking it slow to let your calves and feet adjust are absolutely correct. I know. I've pushed it a couple of times and have had minor setbacks as a result.

I am glad to be here and looking forward to sharing the love of running, whether shod or barefoot, with all of you.



one injury after another

I am 49yrs old, 200lbs, 6'00". I have running for the past 12yrs. I do 90% on treadmill the other 10% road and trail. This past mid June I started on the quest of becoming a more minimalist runner. I started slowly to run in vibram komodo sport. As of this date I have about 400 miles of VFF running. 300 in komodo sport and about 100 in KSO trek. During this training I have read numerous books on the subject and read many a web posting. I thought I went about this transition as knowledgeable as I could. The problem is it seems like one injury after another. Sure I experienced the sore calves. I think that is a given. I also had to suffer though top of foot pain right foot (got injected with cortisone) and now right foot peroneal tendonitis. The question I have is should I change my minimalist approach and go with a shoe that has a little heel to toe drop? This way I take some pressure off the lower legs. The therapist at the orthopedics wants me to wear a heel lift. I have worked so hard to get out of my NB 883 and get away from othodics and heel striking. I dont want to go back. Any and all advice is appreciated.... NOTE: never really injured in 883's, once in awhile a sore hammy or tight calf...


New to the forum - from Idaho

Hello all. Glad I found it here. I've been running for about 6 years and had various injuries up until about a year ago, when my PT introduced me to the POSE method and minimalist shoes. I was using Inov-8 F-lite 195s, Saucony Grid Type A4 and NB Minimus Trails. I recently went to zero drop shoes, Merrell and Vivobarefoot and I'm very happy with the switch.

I'm a low mileage runner, only about 15-16 mpw right now, as my achilles tendon still gets cranky (that's what I went to PT for last year). But things are looking up and I hope to do some HMs this coming spring.

I look forward to getting to know you on the forums.


Barefoot Runners Wanted for Barefoot Running Study in Calgary, Canada

Barefoot Runners Wanted for Barefoot Running Study in Calgary, Canada


We are looking for barefoot runners who are/have: 1) running barefoot or in a modified barefoot shoe at least 20km per week 2) free of orthopedic injury for at least 1 year 3) not experienced a foot-related injury requiring surgery in the past year 4) aged 18-55 5) In the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area.

The study will involve an hour of the participants’ time. They will come to the Running Injury Clinic and run on the treadmill for a few minutes so we can measure the forces and angles of their joints. Then we will do a few measurements of their flexibility. The only way people from outside Calgary could participate is if they were willing to travel here for the testing.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Jordan Raugust Email:

(I'm not affiliated with the study, I'm just passing the word along. - Tina)


VFFs to Luna Sandals

Any of you runners make the switch from VFFs to Luna sandals? I have been running in VFFs for awhile (both classic and bikila) but have been intrigued by lunas for awhile. Honestly the VFFs can become a sweaty, stinky, sloppy mess after awhile. Especially in Missouri with high humidity. I wash them frequently and they recover just fine. The bikilas are worse than the classics.

I made some from a kit a few years ago, 4mm and didn't like them cause of the floppy-ness. But now they have a full line with alot of options, and i'm sure they are put together way better than my DIY.

Anyhow how do the lunas feel in comparison to VFFs? good ground feel? good flexibility?

thanks for any thoughts or input... ben-