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Hiking & Backpacking

I need a good boot

Hey, I've been poking around your website and decided you seem like the guy to ask my question. On the 3rd of June my husband and I will be going to the Olympic Peninsula and then also to Colorado. I was looking into the Lems Boulder Boot as an option for out hiking and camping excursions. I can't imagine that we will be able to make big big hikes because earlier this year I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I am interested in finding boots that will reduce the possibility of this EVER happening again because it sucks so much. Lems are interested to me because of the natural toe splay and flat sole (I think that this might reduce the possibility of my ankle rolling??) I seriously love hiking and hope that you may have a suggestion?? I also don't have a ton of money- the Lems are at the top of what I can pay. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,


Boots for an adventure race

I'll be competing in an adventure race next summer. It will be roughly 40 miles in 36 hours with a 40# pack. Terrain is hilly high desert.

I'm a semi-seasoned minimalist runner/walker, but have never tried rucking in minimalist footwear. My favorite boots to date for this sort of thing are the Rocky S2V's. While big heavy boots, the have zero drop and a very flexible sole. I used these in this same race two years ago and liked everything except the 3# weight.

I'm a little worried about something with a super thin sole. The terrain is very rocky, and I fear my feet will get beat up without at least a tiny amount of cushion.

Can anyone recommend some boots I should consider?

Pouffie Question

Just read your article(s) on clothing a family for hiking and I had a question about the pouffies -- is there a reason you do synthetic over down?


I am looking for a light weight gaiter for summer hiking with my mid height hiking boots. Do you have a suggestion as to which might work best?

I need a shoe/boot that is good for running around quartz mines!

Hey guys! I'm going on a trip in a few weeks with my geology program, and we're going to be digging up some quartz at a quartz mine while we're there. I was thinking of wearing my NB minimus trails, but one of my professors was telling me that the quartz is very sharp, and that I'll at least want a shoe that has fabric that covers my ankles, since the quartz can cut like glass. Any ideas on some good minimalist boots that will fit my need? Or should I just buy some cheapo ones and throw them away after the trip?

SteriPen Power

I also use a Steripen Freedom, but haven't done a large through hike like you guys are planning. How are you going to recharge the battery while on the trail?

Same question for flashlights?

I'm assuming you'll have backup water purification.

No info anywhere about the Off-Road Hi and Mid?

Can't find zip online about these, yet they're available in stock at TP and a couple of online retailers.

Surprisingly, the weights listed for the Hi's are actually lower than the Neo Trails? This has to be a mistake no?

Anyway, I'm definitely considering these for a winter shoe, but I'd really love to see some more info before shelling out $185.

As usual, I think the color ways for the Neo Trails are cracked, with only two marginally acceptable options. Terra-Plana, I love your shoes, in so many ways, but I'm starting to worry about your designers.. =\

Damien, are you really that concerned about the durability of the lugs on these higher traction models? The sole on my aquas (thanks!), seem pretty indestructible, but it's the gum rubber type I think. Do the lugs feel more or less durable than the Inov-8 lugs?


Shoes and hiking boots for Africa


I am heading to southern Africa in March/April/May 2012 and need some recommendations for shoes and boots.

First, I need a good all-purpose walking shoe, something that doesn't look too flashy or sporty.

Second, I need a good pair of hiking boots, for all kinds of terrain on walking safaris.

Anything anyone can recommend?

Thanks! Andrew


Barefoot Family Hike

My friend Geoff just recently posted this cool YouTube video of their barefoot family hike: <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="560" height="349" src="&lt;a href=" http:="" <a="" href="" rel="nofollow">"" embed="" EWB3ipP9wQg?rel="0"" rel="nofollow">" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

Thanks for the encouragement Geoff!



Hello to all. I hike alot. I'm becoming more sold on striking with the forefoot while hiking. I've messed around on a couple mountains with my trail gloves and love it. However I would like more padding. The trail gloves are fun to play with on day hikes, but I'd like more protection and maybe even cushion for any kind of real even fairly light loads(20-30lbs) or bushwacking.<br> I have two questions for you guys: 1.) Has there been any research on the forefoot strike and low cushioning for walking and for load carrying? 2.) Other than Altra and Russell Moccasins should i be considering any other companies that make more cushioned zero drop shoes with really wide toe boxes.

I am planning to attempt an A.T. thru hike in 2012 so the process of training and decision making begins now. Thanks in advance for any replies. Don't forget to bring a towel...


Hello from a UK lightweight hiker

Just a quick hello from the UK. It's nice to see a dedicated barefoot forum! I've always had foot pain whilst hiking and wearing boots. Over the last few years I've discovered inov8 shoes and never had any problems again. I'm interested in going lighter and getting a more natural foot movement still. I've always worn sandals for 8 months in the year so I'm no stranger to having my feet out. This looks like a cracking place to find out more.



Hello, my name is Corey from Cincinnati, OH. I first went "barefoot" in VFF KSO's last summer. Since then I've bought a pair of VFF Smartwool Classics and VFF Treks. I wear the Treks to work often and hope to do some hiking and backpacking in them once the weather turns. I used to run in my KSOs but my current work schedule is hectic to say the least.


Hi from Sunnyvale, CA

Hi y'all:

Barefoot hiker convert to VFF. Been using them for few years, like em quite a bit, except the straps on my first pair from a year and 1/2 ago frayed and snapped in Hawaii last week. Will be uploading some cool pics of the VFF's on the rain forest trail in Big Island next.

Great to meet everyone :)



hello all

hey and howdy, my name is ben wood, some of you may know me from BPL, where I discovered this site. I am living in Missouri now, I have been running in VFF's for awhile now, i guess about a year. I have kids and attend culinary school. i guess that's about it.


With bare feet across the Alps

If people ever tell you that walking in the mountains with bare feet is impossible just tell them about Martl Jung. This german crossed the Alps in 32 days from Munich in Germany to Verona in Italy. About 200km including walking and climbing on ice, rocks etc. And he took no shoes with him at all. Not even for emergency. Though he used some snow and ice grippers on some slopes.<br> His website is in german so you should use Google Translate to read it. But there are also al lot of pictures to see. These are also impressive. Martl has very big feet. Probably well trained and with a thick skin. I don't think my feet will ever be like that. But it is nice to see what others can achieve with bare feet.

For more information visit:



Anyone tried the TrekSport yet? This one intrigues me quite a bit... the sole of the Trek married with the upper of the KSO seems like a match made in heaven to me. In theory, they would work great for hiking and backpacking.


Not Yet Barefoot

Hi all! Matthew here, from central Kentucky, USA. Let's see... I enjoy hiking and backpacking (though I don't get out nearly as much as I would like), love motorcycle riding, and drawing.

I've been intrigued by the "Barefoot movement" but haven't yet really given it a try. However, I did grow up spending most of my summers barefoot, and still prefer to lose the shoes as soon as I get inside a house or car on a long trip.

Over the summer my running shoes died and they haven't been replaced yet. I would like to start running barefoot, but feel that I need some sort of minimalist footwear because of the places that I run. Plus, I'm not quite liking the idea of going barefoot in the snow/ice slush we currently have out there. So... I'm here to explore my options.