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running shoes

I'm training for a marathon, and my kids (age 8 and 6) will be training for a kids version, where they'll run in various increments up to the race day and they'll complete the 26.2 mile on the finish line. My kids are athletic, but have never had running shoes just for that purpose. Any recommendations?


Lesson To Be Learned

We are interested in knowing some of the lessons the kids are learning win it comes to facing challenging circumstances and using them as a learning experience. What slogans or statements do the kids make now that help them get through their fears and how have you as parents even grown from them.


Flexible shoes for 3-year old, with freedom to move big toe

I'm looking for outdoor minimalist shoes for my three year old and haven't yet seen anything that combines a very flexible sole with enough big toe room.

He's currently wearing soft stars (shoes, not mods) and while I'm happy with the soles I'm unhappy with the amount of room he has to move his toes (to the extent that I've considered cutting off the toe box, but as the temperature drops this isn't really an option). I've often noticed that the first thing he does after I take off his shoes is to move his big toe in all directions as much as he can, as though he's conscious of it having been 'locked' into place while he's had the shoes on.

It's getting to the stage that I'm thinking of having a go at making his shoes myself...

Anyone got any ideas?


Kids Merrells

Has anyone purchased the Merrells for their kids? I would love to have some feedback about them. If I am going to pay $60, I want to know that they are durable. We have been dissappointed with the quality we are seeing in kids minimalist footwear and would love to see a shoes that will hold up to their activity. Merrell has a history of great quality, but I was wondering if that same quality is seen in their children's "barefoot" shoes. Thanks.


Hi everybody


I am Damien's daughter. I am 11 years old. I like being barefoot. I like helping my dad with Toe Salad.


minimalist shoes for kids --summer

I'd love to compile a list of some of the companies who make minimalist shoes for kids. I know a few:

Soft Star Shoes (babies, toddlers, kids and adults) Vibram (sizes 29-34) Vivo Barefoot (sizes EU 27-39) Certain water shoes

I've heard Merrell will have some, but haven't seen them, yet.

What else is out there?


Kids shoes?

What have folks bought for minimalist shoes for kids? What did you like? not like? What did your kids like? _louise