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Barefoot Moe

Greetings Toe Salad!

I'm an avid barefooter from Toronto, Canada. I've been practicing a predominantly barefoot lifestyle for about 20 years. While I'm not a runner or a regular user of minimalist footwear, I think Toe Salad is a great venue for all of us to share important information about our lifestyle and the products we can rely on, whenever needed.

Please feel free to say hello and get in touch. I love meeting like-minded people and I'm always up for some virtual "footsies".

Keep 'em bare!


Barefoot Vinneeee

I am a 38 year old runner/racquetball player from minnesota. I have been minimal for about a year and a half. It is super hard to get barefoot runs in wintertime here. I spend a lot of time on the treadmill.

I have used 10+ kinds of minimalist footwear for running.

my favorite is bare feet

2nd favorite vibram five fingers

there is a bunch of junk out there (zep's beach shoes lasted about 50 miles, my ghetto sawed off heel running shoes sucked too.